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2013 is the first vintage of our Pinoli Vineyard Pinot Noir and Dach Vineyard Chardonnay. 

2013 Pinot Noir
Pinoli Vineyard

The dimensions of the wine favor length over width, giving the impression of grace and elegance.  The aromatics are a combination of red cherry fruits, fresh cut herbs, and purple flowers.  Red and black cherry flavors focus on the palate like a spotlight.  Shuffled into the fruit are flavors of herb and dried earth, creating layer and depth.  The wine is persistent and finishes with fresh cherries, plus a hint of pit.

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2013 Chardonnay
Dach Vineyard

The 2013 Dach Vineyard Chardonnay impresses with a rich, golden yellow color. The wine opens with a hint of caramelized peach delicately punctuated with mint and lemon blossom. The Dach Vineyard’s impressive volume and roundness provide a gentle entry on the palate, while its precision and finesse make the wine airy, elegant, and agile. Delicate and complex flavors of pear, peach compote, and anise fill the mid-palate, while the wine finishes with alternating layers of the same notes.

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Domaine Anderson