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Dach Vineyard

The Dach Vineyard encircles our winery from the surrounding hillsides. With its marine influence and northeast-southwest facing aspect, the land provides exceptional conditions for the cultivation of pinot noir and chardonnay.

Dach Vineyard has 17.5 acres under vine that are farmed organically and biodynamically to create a diversified, balanced ecosystem. Beneficial insectary plants and designated areas provide habitat for friendly insects that help control vineyard pests and support pollination. All natural compost preparations restore soil and enhance fruit quality, and a variety of cover crops in rotation benefit vineyard health, as well as create feed for our local sheep that visit our vineyard in the winter months.

Also, as part of Fish Friendly Farming certification, drainage systems capture and move groundwater to a dedicated reservoir, where it is repurposed for irrigation and frost purposes. Along with the reuse of water from the vineyard to the reservoir, 30 acres of the Dach Vineyard are dedicated to native wildlife.

CCOF Organic Certified: December 11, 2014

Demeter Certified Biodynamic®: June 26, 2016


Vineyard Overview: Dach Vineyard
Elevation: 330.3 ft - 320.2 ft
Slope: 8%
Aspect: Northeast-Southwest
Formation: Boontling Loam and Perrygulch Loam
Age: 2 million
Epoch: Pleistocene
Pinot Noir: 14.86 acres
Chardonnay: 2.62 acres
Yield Average: Pinot Noir 2.2-2.97 tons per acre
Type: Boontling and Perrygulch Loams
Depth: 12-60 inches
Base: Gravelly clay loam and sandy clay
Key Dates: 2012
Planted: 2009
Harvest: Sept 19, 2012
Pruning: Winter
Bud Break: April 6 - April 10, 2012
Bloom: June 1 - June 4, 2012
Veraison: August 9 - August 13, 2012
Planting Schedule
Pinot Noir DA-1A-PN 2.63 4668 3.5 x 7 101-14 Heritage Clone Cane NE-SW
Pinot Noir DA-2A-PN 1.38 2445 3.5 x 7 101-14 Heritage Clone Cane NE-SW
Pinot Noir DA-2B-PN 0.93 1656 3.5 x 7 420-A 828 Cane NE-SW
Pinot Noir DA-3-PN 4.62 8212 3.5 x 7 101-14 Heritage Clone Cane NE-SW
Pinot Noir DA-4A-PN 0.52 931 3.5 x 7 420-A 115 Cane NE-SW
Pinot Noir DA-6A-PN 1.14 2021 3.5 x 7 420-A Heritage Clone Cane NE-SW
Pinot Noir DA-6B-PN 0.61 1085 3.5 x 7 420-A 9 Cane NE-SW